Olivya Leblanc is a Slovene, French Canadian and First Nations portrait photographer & art director from Tkaronto (Toronto; Mohawk word meaning "where there are trees standing in the water"). Skilled in various mediums such as ceramics, beading and illustration, she uses her art to further explore, honour and understand her identity and what it means to be a mixed indigenous woman. Armed with ancestral wisdom, she seeks out to reveal the beauty in the world and others around her, and is intrigued by the memories that touch us.

“I think this is the whole beauty of photography, finding meaningful things within the framework of chaotic existence. You are not playing God and changing the world, but you are finding art in the world." -Dave Heath

Some of my clients include;

Moosehead Breweries, Timberland, Reliable Corporation, King Ursa, Park Hyatt Toronto, GZ International Art Curation, CrossFit 416, Bodzii, Markham Board of Trade, Bon Echo (band)

Published in;

Canon Creator's Class, Toronto Star, Metro Toronto, Buzzfeed Canada, TrentU Absynthe Magazine, Apple Music & Spotify

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